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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

semarang yogyakarta tour package

Many interest place in Semarang tours for example : Gedong Songo Temple, Fort Wilhem I Ambarawa, Old Train Station Ambarawa, Lawang Sewu Building, Toko Oen, Gereja Blenduk, Klenteng Sam Poo Kong. Those destination can be covered in 2 days.

  • OPTION A :

You landed at Semarang Airport in the morning (recomended) then we take you to travelling, and in afternoon we directly go and check in at Yogyakarta to continue travelling in the next days. It means we will arrive at Yogyakarta arround 8 PM.

Cost for those destination (1 day semarang tour) : IDR 650.000,- included only for car,petrol,driver,parking (landed at Semarang and finally check in hotel at Yogyakarta)

  • OPTION B :

Same with option A, but you stay a night at Semarang (not directly go to Yogyakarta), I recomend you stay at Alam Indah Hotel, Gombel so you can see the Semarang City and harbour from up the hill (beautiful scenery). Then tommorow morning we leaving for Yogyakarta at 7.30 AM.

Actually, I love kind discuss if you have other options so your travelling in Indonesia would be the great beauty memorize. Please don't hesitate to contact me with send email to : aswoto69(at) for more further information.

gedong songo temple
Gedong Songo temple

semarang tour driver
Lawangsewu Builing

Lawang Sewu is a building in Semarang, Central Java, which is an office of the Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij or NIS Spoorweg. Built in 1904 and completed in 1907 is located at the roundabout Tugu Muda formerly called Wilhelminaplein.
Three floors of the building art deco style (1850-1940) was the work of renowned Dutch architect, Prof. Jacob F Klinkhamer and BJ Queendag.
Called Lawang Sewu (Thousand Doors), this is because the building has a door that very much. In fact, there is not a door to a thousand. This building has a lot of height and width of the window, so people often think of it as a door. 

semarang tour driver
Gereja Blenduk at Old City

semarang tour driver

Lawangsewu building - today picture 

toko oen semarang
Toko Oen - Famous Old Fashion restaurant

semarang driver
Sam Poo Kong temple

semarang driver
Dutch Fort WILHEM 1, Ambarawa
semarang driver

semarang driver

semarang driver

semarang driver

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