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Friday 16 May 2014

IJEN CRATER TOUR, Java Blue Fire Crater

Ijen crater tour. Ijen Crater, Java is one of the most amazing volcanoes in Indonesia. This volcano with blue lava located in Bondowoso, East Java. Ijen Crater is an acidic crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen, 2.368 meters above sea level with a depth of 200 meters and the area of the lake crater reached 5.466 hectares. 

ijen crater tour by ABHISEKATOUR
Paltuding Post, a trekking post to Ijen crater
Ijen crater blue fire. Mount Ijen Crater is the biggest crater lake in the world. With color bluish green lake, a cold enough temperature typical of the mountains and the scenery is very beautiful and enchanting so it is fitting that Ijen crater is an very exotic adventure tourist destination in Java, both for local or foreign tourists.

ijen crater, java
Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater blue famme. To begin climb to Ijen crater you should start heading Paltuding Post (last parking area) on the slopes of Mount Ijen. Ijen crater temperatur quite cool in early morning. From here you will climb (hiking) for about 1.5 to 2 hours – depend on your stamina. On the way tourists will meet many sulfur traditional carrier, which is also the traditional miners. 
ijen hiking start point
ijen hiking trails start point
ijen crater hiking trails
with Australian guest at Ijen Crater hiking trails

ijen hiking trails
Ijen hiking trails, around 30 degrees

ijen crater hiking trails
ijen crater hiking trails 20 minutes before Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater hiking trails
Ijen Crater hiking trails, you almost come to greatest moment crater view!! 

Ijen traditional miners carrier
Ijen traditional miners carrier, heavy : 70 - 90 kg

ijen coral sulfur
Ijen traditional coral sulfur mining
Ijen Crater Tour. Furthermore, tourists will arrive at the crater rim, travelers here will see the lake covered in mist and sulfur fumes. At the bottom of the crater, tourists can see the location of the sulfur traditional mining. Other sights can be seen is a fumarole which forms a mound of molten bright yellow. The mound of rock sulfur is usually taken out with a crowbar to further transported out. We recommend tourists to visit attractions crater in really early morning because the scenery is really exotic. For travelers who are familiar with the challenges can enjoy the blue flame (blue fire) of sulfur mining in realy early morning (start from Paltuding around 2.30 AM).

homestay at Ijen Crater
homestay at Paltuding Post, Ijen Crater

At Paltuding Post, there are room rent cost around IDR 150 K – 200 K per night or three-bedroom villa for around IDR 500 K per night. From here you live up to the crater of Mount Ijen waiting time of the morning start. So, if you want to stay overnight at Ijen better you reach Paltuding maximum at 6 PM then you have enough rest time for climb to see exotic crater Ijen. Paltuding Post also have many local Ijen Crater guide who will assist you to climb, take care of you, and also can take your property that might make heavy. Me my self do recommend this because the line trekking was quite dangerous in a dark. 

Ijen Crater, Java
Ijen Crater, Java

Ijen Crater, Java
Last Hiking Trails at Ijen Crater...You Make It !!!!
You want to go to Ijen Crater in East Java? Wherever you are, we will give you kindly advise how you will reach Ijen though you are guest from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Germany, USA, Nederlands, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, etc. We invite you to contact us immediately "yogyakarta ATOK driver" via email: aswoto69(at) or contact us directly at the number +6281329478187.

ijen crater tour guide driver
with warm kind regards, ATOK

paltuding post for start hiking to Ijen crater
paltuding post for start hiking to Ijen crater

yogakarta driver ATOK
yogakarta driver ATOK
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yogyadriver comments
yogyadriver comments

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