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yogyakarta to see_indrayanti beach

Indrayanti Beach

Unspoiled white sandy beach. Must be see while in Yogyakarta.

what to see in yogyakarta_borobudur temple

Borobudur Temple

The masterpiece, one of the seven wonders of the world.

prambanan temple_to see in Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple Complex

One of populer tourism spots in Yogyakarta.

Ratu Boko Ancient Kingdom Ruins

The masterpiece cultural heritage from Hindu Era of Indonesia.


Abhisekatour: Yogyakarta Guide Driver

Yogyakarta Tour Operator.

Yogyakarta downtown malioboro street

Malioboro Street

Down town of Yogyakarta where you can find the miniature of Indonesia.

yogyakarta to see_pindul cave

Pindul Cave

Cave with stunning scenery at southern Yogyakarta.

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This website also can as your Yogyakarta Travel Guide because we will show you interesting places in Java Island and Bali Island. Other one we posted any suggestion for your traveling in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Mt.Bromo, Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, Bali Island, also Lombok Island.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Waterfalls at Yogyakarta. Kembangsoka waterfall located in the village of Jatimulyo, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Province. Waterfall Kembangsoka was very interesting and worthed to visit because of the waterfall area kembangsoka terraced area that is wide enough so that you are happy to explore in this kembangsoka waterfall. Visit Kembangsoka waterfall with family, friends, and enjoy the whole kembangsoka landscape.

yogyakarta waterfalls
Kembangsoka Waterfalls
Yogyakarta waterfalls. After you pay admission of kembangsoka waterfall, you will go through the way down the staircase under the thick tree. First you will pass "Toyo Tombo Falls". The water is believed since ancient times to cure various diseases, so many tourists come also wash my face and drink water in the shower "Toyo Tombo".

air terjun kembangsoka
air terjun kembangsoka

yogyakarta waterfalls
yogyakarta waterfalls "Kembangsoka"

waterfalls at yogyakarta
Healthy Spring bamboo shower at Kembangsoka "Toyo Tombo"
Then you will see the sacred springs fortune carrier, and cross the wooden bridge over the waterfall kembangsoka. There are many lovely spot spot to take a photo, a bamboo bridge, waterfall edge kembangsoka, until the natural pools kembangsoka.

kembangsoka waterfall
kembangsoka waterfall - sacred spring

yogyakarta waterfall
yogyakarta waterfall "Kembangsoka"

yogyakarta waterfall
yogyakarta waterfall 

yogyakarta waterfall
yogyakarta waterfall 

air terjun kembangsoka
air terjun "kembangsoka"

air terjun kembangsoka
Kembangsoka Natural Pool
waterfall kembangsoka
Map of waterfall kembangsoka 

waterfall kembangsoka
waterfall kembangsoka 

Friday, 15 July 2016



Bali guide driver for Bali Tour Package. Our team in Abhisekatour tour company, now ready will serve your tour in Bali Island. Click : Bali Guide Driver. As I mentioned, I have my own tour and rent car driver company name Abhisekatour, that covered service in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bromo - Ijen Crater, Bali. So, you will get same standard quality services in Bali Island, same as other city we have branch. 
All our Bali guide driver in Abhisekatour will make you sure that you are in right tour operator with us. We will propose kind Bali Tour Packages so you will get satisfaction tour. Our Bali car rental with driver ready many cars depend on how many total guest, reasonable price.

jawa bali tours
Java Bali excellent tours

Bali Guide Driver
Aswoto - owner of Abhisekatour
Bali guide driver in Abhisekatour do knew the Bali Island tourism attraction. All of our Bali driver can speak English, hospitality, trusty, secure driving and secure your property. Our Bali Driver will assist you to get things you want, and never ever doing unlikeness performance. Your holiday time was very high valuable in Bali Island, so we will manage your tour properly.

Bali Shore Tours in Bali Island. We handled too guest from cruise that ship dock in Benoa Bali Island with nice ground handling Bali private tours. You will get maximum enjoying the Bali Tour until time to go back to your cruise. 

bali guide driver
bali guide driver - ATOK

Bali driver hire
Abhisekatour - Bali Guide Driver & Bali rent car with driver

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Timang beach Yogyakarta. Timang beach located at geopark Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta which have many caves and nice beach. One of the most attractive beach was Timang Beach with using gondola (cable car lift) flying to small rocky island. Choose Timang beach as the one destination that you plan to visit during take yogyakarta tour. Timang beach with using cable cart (gondola) to cross sea to rocky island was kind of adventure tour, and we have other one like Mt.Bromo Sunrise tours using jeep. See : MT.BROMO JEEP.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Timang Beach, Yogyakarta
yogyakarta driver tripadvisor
Timang Beach, Yogyakarta
yogyakarta driver ATOK
view from rocky island - Timang Beach

yogyakarta driver ATOK
photo session at rocky island - timang beach

Timang beach videos :

The trip from Yogyakarta to Timang Beach takes around 2.5 hours. Yogyakarta to Timang Beach will follow main road to Wonosari City then heading to Tepus Village, located between Tepus Village and Jepitu Village. Guest usually go to the Timang Beach after enjoying the Pindul Cave Tubbing or Jomblang Vertical Cave. So in one day tour you will enjoy the sensation beauty of geopark in Yogyakarta : Cave and Timang Beach. The road to the beach is not good when we reach around 3 km before the Timang Beach but when you've been using gondola at Timang Beach then you will comment : what the Amazing Adventure Tourism !!!...

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Yogyakarta guide driver ATOK with Singapore guest at gondola Timang Beach

Monday, 21 March 2016


Ramayana Ballet Show. Ramayana Ballet was kind love story that performance by beautiful good skill of dancer. There are 2 places for Ramayana Ballet show performance in yogyakarta province, one at Prambanan and other one at yogyakarta city centre (Purawisata) that both same in good quality performance. Ramayana Ballet origin story you can see at the body of Prambanan temple when you visit there, and you can enjoy the show for imaging how the story in relief bring in to the dance story performance. Ramayana Ballet is very beautiful Java Dance love story and people will keep performing and watching it.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Ramayana Ballet - Prambanan, Yogyakarta 
Ramayana from word "Rama"and "Ayana" that means a journey of Rama. The Ramayana Ballet story (compiled from Purawisata) : 

In Kendrayana forest, the King of Alengka RAHWANA ask Kalamaricha one of his soldiers to change himself into the Golden Deer and ask him to go to seduce RAMA, SINTA, and Laksmana. In other part of the same forest, RAMA - SINTA - Laksamana are enjoying the freshness of the bright weather by gathering flowers and watching beautiful animals living in the forest. Suddenly an animal with golden fur appears. SINTA is attracted and she wants to posses the animal. RAMA - SINTA - Laksmana try to catch it but the beautiful animal is very difficult to touch, then the Golden Deer runs away.
After RAMA leaves his wife, SINTA as if hears the sound of an injured man, she ask Laksamana to look for his brother but he refuses because he knows it's not Rama's voice, it's Golden Deer's that imitates the voice of RAMA. Since her order disobeyed, SINTA accuces Laksmana of wishing her after the death of RAMA. Hearing his Laksmana becomes very sad, he swears that he won't marry any woman in his whole life.
As a sign of his oath he cuts off his genital. SINTA is astonished and very sorry. Finally Laksmana goes to meet RAMA. Before he leaves his sister in-law alone, Laksmana makes a magical circle surrounding SINTA, nobody can go into the circle and he also tells her not to get out of the circle until the arrival of RAMA and Laksmana. Unexpectedly, RAHWANA comes down from the sky. He is very glad to notice SINTA without any guard. He wants to kidnap her as soon as possible and takes her to Alengka Kingdom.
Unfortunately he can't approach her because of the magical circle although he has exerted all of his super natural power. Then RAHWANA changes his appearance into a very old man who looks very thirsty and comes near SINTA. On seeing this, SINTA can't stand and then help the poor old man. Without realizing the danger, she stretches one of her arms out of the circle in order to give the old man something to drink. The old man who actually is RAHWANA takes SINTA's hand out of the circle quickly and takes her away. In the sky they meet Jatayu, the king of birds who wants to save the Princess Sinta but Jatayu is defeated and falls onto the ground. Before Jatayu dies, he tells RAMA that SINTA is kidnapped by RAHWANA.
On the way to Alengka, RAMA and Laksmana bump across with the white monkey HANOMAN, who is ordered by Sugriwa to find someone to help him to fight Subali in order to get Goa Kiskenda back.
RAMA doesn't mind and succeeds in killing Subali, and then he is crowned to be the king of monkey in Pancawati Kingdom. As a king, RAMA orders Hanoman to go to Alengka to see the condition of SINTA. In Alengka after giving RAMA's ring to SINTA, and as an answer SINTA sends her hairpin ornament to RAMA. HANOMAN wants to know the strength of RAHWANA's Kingdom, soon afterwards he destroys the Arga-Soka garden.
Knowing this, RAHWANA becomes very angry and commands his men to burn the white creature but HANOMAN doesn't die because of his super natural power, event he takes with him some burning woods and flies in the sky, then he drops them throughout the buildings. When the battle between RAMA's monkey soldiers and RAHWANA's giant soldiers takes place, Hindrajit asks Kumbakarna for help but he can't win the fight even is defeated by RAMA. Hindrajit wants to support his uncle unfortunately Laksmana is able to finish the fight. Hindrajit runs away reporting the situation to King RAHWANA in the palace. RAHWANA goes to fight Rama but at last he is defeated and killed.
HANOMAN fetches SINTA who is very happy to meet her beloved husband, however RAMA rejects her for he suspects about his wife's purity and he asks SINTA to have a holy bath by jumping into the burning fire. SINTA calmly jumps into the holy fire since in her mind she feels that she is totally pure.
The God of Fire Brahma comes down from the heaven and puts the fire out. He tells RAMA that SINTA is really pure. Both SINTA and RAMA pay attribute with their hands folded before their forehands to Brahma. Lastly they return to Pancawati Kingdom happily.

ramayana ballet prambanan
ramayana ballet show
We do appreciate for your wish to see love story Ramayana Ballet in Yogyakarta so we will give you different rates, if you use our legal tour operator "Abhisekatour" own by Aswoto (Atok) for your tour operator that served you during in yogyakarta and surround. Soonest to book us by send email to : aswoto69 (at) or send whatsapp to +6287719030708.

We also have branch at Bali Island for you who want Bali Guide Driver.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"WONOSARI" Malang Tea Plantation

Malang tea plantation. Famous tea plantation in tour and travel malang, that on slopes of Mt. Arjuna as compliments of your malang bromo tour. Wonosari Tea Plantation located 6 km from Lawang or 30 km north of Malang City or 80 km south of Surabaya city with altitude between 950 - 1.250 ASL.

java tea plantation
Wonosari - Tea Plantation at Malang Regency
Java tea plantation. In this Wonosari Tea Plantation, tourists can viewed the natural charm of the Malang tea plantations and breathe fresh air while walking (tea walk) around the tea plantation and also can see how to processing of tea leaves to be ready for brewing tea. At House of Tea, you can also enjoy tea directly from Wonosari Tea Plantation in the warm with accompanied by extensive views of the gardens and green tea.

java tea plantation
java tea plantation

tea plantation in java
tea plantation in java

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Mount Merapi trekking tour. We create programs trekking to the summit of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta as one of yogyakarta tour package. Mount Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia, which has its own charm for those who love adventure sports tours and mountain climbing. Mt.Merapi trekking tour was kind of adventure trip, we have other one like Mt.Bromo Sunrise tours using jeep. See : Mt.Bromo Sunrise Tours.

Mt.Merapi trekking. You will climb from north side of mount merapi (Selo Village), and accompany by merapi volcano trekking guide. We will arrange all for your yogyakarta adventure interest as for transportation, hotels, and guide. Certainly, with reasonable price for best deal...

But if you won't climb mt.merapi to reach summit, you can enjoy the view of mt.merapi from south side using adventure jeep, click here.

mt.merapi trekking guide
mt.merapi trekking guide - ADIT take 2 singapore guest on summit

merapi trekking guide
ADIT - merapi trekking guide

mt merapi trekking
ADIT - mt merapi trekking guide
merapi guide
ADIT - merapi trekking guide
merapi volcano trekking guide
merapi volcano trekking guide

mt merapi trekking
mt merapi trekking
merapi volcano trekking guide
merapi volcano trekking guide

mt merapi trekking
mt merapi trekking
merapi volcano trekking guide
merapi volcano trekking guide
merapi volcano trekking guide
merapi volcano trekking guide

selo village
selo village
If you want another trekking tour, we provide Mt.Merbabu trekking tour to the top. You will walk around 6 hours to reach the top.

mt.merbabu central java
sunrise at mt.merbabu

mt.merbabu central java
mt.merapi & mt.merbabu trekking guide

mt.merbabu central java
long walk to the top

mt.merbabu central java
see top of mt.merapi (blue) from mt.merbabu

For this kind moment, please soonest to contact us to make nice discussion for your trekking to the top of mt.merapi by send email to ATOK at : aswoto69(at)

Monday, 29 September 2014

CETHO temple and SUKUH temple

Solo city tours. Cetho temple and Sukuh temple are nice Solo Indonesia tourist attractions on the Mount.Lawu that still fresh cold air. Both are Hindu temples in Indonesia that built in the end of the 15th century with a lot of ornaments, statues, and many symbols that describe society activities in that time. Paying attention to the details in every piece of relief then we will be able to view and understood the ancient Javanese society as part of the ancient world cultures. Both temples also are very impressive temples by mystical place that suitable to a cooling-off or self meditation. It can be connected from that situation which Majapahit royal conflic so people need place like Cetho temple for closing to their God in meditation.

cetho temple
Frog statue in Cetho temple - God Wishnu symbolism
tiket masuk candi cetho
Cetho temple entrance fees - 2014
candi cetho - event 2014
candi cetho - event 2014
hindu temples in indonesia
view from Ceto temple (north)
In India, the Hindu temple is commonly associated with Mount Meru - the axis of the world - and, more widely, with the universe itself. As the universe is coiled around the cosmic mountain, so the temple must have a centre. As the universe is four-pointed (caturbhr s t i), the temple too is first defined as a square (Kramrisch 1946:161-162; Michell 1988:69-72). This perception of the temple as a Mount Meru most probably prevailed in Southeast Asia 
as well.

Cetho temple has 13 temples terrace but fully restoration 1 - 9 terrace. 13 meanings to reflect 13 God manifestations like we can read at Hindu's book Lontar Wrhaspatti Tattwa.  Beside that, people in that time start to develop the local genius about built a temple to make prehistoric concept that respect to God who living on highest. Cetho temple even in same periode with Sukuh temple Solo, but quite different than Sukuh temple.
In Sukuh temple, we will seen many glory statue of God and many relief of Royal and their servant. So, from all statues and ornaments in Sukuh temple we can feel that this temple not for praying or meditation. Sukuh temple more as a respect temple for the King who has personification as God on earth. One relief at Sukuh temple describe the respect to Kings's funeral with Hindu's ritual prosession.

sukuh temple
sukuh temple
sukuh temple
Frog statue in sukuh temple - sysbolism God Wishnu
Three tortoise sculpture that symbolizes the earth and the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Notes about Tortoise creature recognized by various civilizations in the world as the great reptiles. In China, tortoise said to be the basis of the beginning of creation. In Japan believed to be the cosmic mountain and is a symbol of the Earth's axis. In India is believed to be the first living beings who have the form of evolution that has spirit and is considered as the axis of the earth as well. American Indians put the tortoise as a symbol of the oldest in the process of life on earth and is known as the Mother Earth. In Greek myth, the turtle is a sacred symbol for the god Aphrodite and Hermes two deities associated with sexuality or the creation of natural contents. In Africa, there is a method called Ifa forecasting using tortoise shell as the basis for forecasting at a certain time. 

Wishnu change as tortoise to help other God to search water spring for life. Scarfing at sukuh more smooth and from massive stone, different than in Cetho that tortoise statue made from many stone and compiled. Why Wishnu illustrated and not Siwa ? We can understand because in that time the situation of the kingdom at the end of Majapahit where many wars then people hope God Vishnu immediately to make a peace on earth.

sukuh temple
God Wishnu with arms
sukuh temple
relief about respect to King's funeral
sukuh temple's relief
sukuh temple's relief
sukuh temple's relief
sukuh temple's relief
sukuh temple relief
sukuh temple relief
The unique one in both temple was how to describe the man with hat that their use. That hat   relief remind us to Java leather puppet (wayang) today. Many type of hat we can seen in sukuh temple from people on royal high rank until lowest rank and also the guard. 
Even in the old age of 700 years ago but at that time the community has reached a high level of understanding of the engineering building, technical artists, as well as an understanding of the most important concepts or beliefs that turned out to have continuity with the culture at various places. In this case I am talking about a statue of a turtle.

Turtle is a symbol known in mythology as their appearance and longevity. Therefore, the protective shell and thoroughly charming appearance, sometimes we find that the turtle is a symbol of protection and welfare aspects in particular mythology. Many cultures believe that the turtle is an animal that carries the world on its shell or as supporting the heavens. 
In some indigenous traditions of the Americas, the tortoise is believed to carry the world on top of the shell. Supreme spirit Cheyenne, Maheo, is grandma old turtle shell that supports the earth. Mohawk Nation believe that earthquakes are caused by old granny turtle which was stretch the body due to the weight of the earth that he prop in its shell. 
In ancient history, the people of Mesopotamia believed that the turtle is the symbol of one of their gods, namely Ea. And in Africa, the Yoruba mythology, known Ijapa, the tortoise is in the fairy-tale witch hereditary. 
In Hindu mythology, the world is supported by four elephants standing on a tortoise shell. Akupara is a tortoise in the world carrying the Hindu legend in penggungnya and maintain the balance of the earth and sea. There is one of the avatars of Vishnu, known as Kurma, the giant tortoise. Kurma avatar has a temple, Sri Kurman Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India which is dedicated to him. 
In China, one of the four leading animal is a turtle data that represents the element of water, symbolizing the four cardinal points north. Tortoises are mensimbolkan strength, longevity and immortality. Tortoise is also a real animal that became a symbol of the Chinese nation on the compass, though still looks like a mythological creature in the illustration.

turtle statue in sam poo kong
turtle statue in sam poo kong - a chinesse temple built at 15 Century AD in Semarang
See more beautiful Indonesian ancient culture with us "yogyakarta driver ATOK" as your tour driver guide. Please send me your trip plan to email : aswoto69(at), so we can make discuss for your itinerary and quotation. We can serve 1 guest in 1 aircondcar until 100 guest using 2 big well aircond bus.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
with kind warm regards, ATOK