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Friday, 4 November 2016


Kalibiru Yogyakarta. Kalibiru located on 450 meters ASL altitude, making the view from Kalibiru quite charming and suitable for you to visit while in Yogyakarta. The distance between the city of Yogyakarta to Kalibiru about 90 minutes, and the last 30 minutes through the streets of the hill is quite steep.
Kalibiru. Kalibiru actually was activity on the hill, so you can just wear lightweight clothing, T-shirts, and shoes suitable for field conditions. The entrance is a bit uphill so you do not have to walk too fast.

kalibiru yogyakarta
kalibiru yogyakarta

kalibiru yogyakarta
tree stage

kalibiru yogyakarta
another tree stage

Kalibiru Yogyakarta. To enjoy the scenery at Kalibiru we can use the facilities Kalibiru wooden stage on a tree. The view from the wooden stage is quite spectacular, if the weather is clear you can see the south coast (beach) from Kalibiru.

After you pay Kalibiru admission, you will find Hanging Rope Games an quite interesting for you to choose. This game is very safe and enjoyable. This game starts from 6 meter rock climbing, rope bridges, flying fox, up to the wooden platform for photo spot.

kalibiru jogjakarta
preparing high rope games

kalibiru jogjakarta
high rope games

kalibiru yogyakarta
stage tree
For small group (1 - 6 persons) using private cars, we can take you till close to entrance gate. But if big groups (more than 6 persons), better to stop the Van/Bus below the Kalibiru and you continue to Kalibiru using motor cycle rent shuttle, or using rent jeep.
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