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Monday 24 September 2018


Selogriyo temple a small temple at beautiful landscape. Selogriyo Temple located on a nice hill with a very beautiful stretch of rice field. The stretch of rice fields in Selogriyo, is not inferior to Jatiluwih Bali, which you can enjoy when visiting Selogriyo temple. Visiting to the Selogriyo temple is ideal after Borobudur Sunrise, and do some trekking at rice field before reach Selogriyo temple.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Parts of ruins of Selogriyo temple

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Parts of ruins of Selogriyo temple
Selogriyo temple. Selogriyo temple was the Classical Indonesian Architecture with Hindu background is facing east. On the four sides of the walls of the temple building there are five niches where statues of the embodiment of the gods are displayed. These statues are Durga Mahisasuramardini (north wall), Ganesha (west wall), Agastya (south wall), and Nandiswara and Mahakala (east wall). One of the special features of this temple without perwara is its peak which is in the form of keben fruit. The summit is called amalaka.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Selogriyo temple board

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Selogriyo Gate
Selogriyo Temple is located on the eastern slope of the three hills, Condong Hill, Giyanti Hill, and Malang Hill, in the village of Campur Rejo, Windusari, Magelang Regency. Selogriyo Temple is a relic of the Hindu era around the 8th century which, among others, marked the direction of the door to the East, there is a statue of Ganesha, Durga, Agastya in the temple. This temple is found in a collapsed state and reconstructed into a form like today. Selogriyo Temple, which is said to be a relic of the Sanjaya dynasty in the 8th century. Selogriyo temple was built on the top of Selogriyo Hill at the same time as the temple in the Dieng plateau. 

yogyakarta driver ATOK
 Selogriyo rice field

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Selogriyo rice field

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Selogriyo rice fields 
Selogriyo temple. Please soonest you make your tour plan at Yogyakarta or other city, and perhaps want to visit Selogriyo temple. Contact us to assist your tour plan with fill contact form above, and mention also your whatsapp phone number to make faster communication.

Yogyakarta driver. We will do happy to take you at yogyakarta, also visit Selogriyo temple. Our yogyakarta driver not just a driver, we will inform you, explain to you whatever you asked to during tour.

Wednesday 21 March 2018


Pulepayung Yogyakarta. Pule Payung Yogyakarta is a natural panorama with a height of about 700 MDPL. Pulepayung Yogyakarta has a natural landscape with mountain ranges and Sermo dam. Travel from Yogyakarta to Pulepayung about 1.5 hours drive up the hill with beautiful scenery.
yogyakarta driver Abhisekatour
Pulepayung Spot Photo
Pulepayung Yogyakarta. Pule was name of local tree that mostly found in this area, so local people use it as a name Pulepayung Yogyakarta. There are several photo spots in Pulepayung Yogyakarta to fulfill your selfie desires with scenic backdrops. Spot photos in Pulepatung Yogyakarta include SKY STAGE, LOLYPOP STAGE, SKY BIKE.

yogyakarta private driver ATOK
Sky Bike, at Pule Payung Yogyakarta
Pulepayung Yogyakarta. Travel to Pulepayung Yogyakarta you can combine with borobudur sunrise, then visit Pulepayung. All these attractions have a unique beauty photo spot that you deserve to visit. You just need to contact us by email or whatsapp/wechatt into +6281329478187.

yogyakarta private driver ATOK
Wooden bridge to Pule Payung Yogyakarta

yogyakarta private driver ATOK
Wooden bridge to Pule Payung Yogyakarta

yogyakarta private driver ATOK
Pule Payung, Yogyakarta

yogyakarta private driver ATOK
Pule Payung, Yogyakarta

yogyakarta private driver ATOK
Pule Payung, Yogyakarta
yogyakarta driver ATOK
Pule Payung, Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta driver. We will do happy to take you at yogyakarta, also visit Pulepayung Yogyakarta. Our yogyakarta driver not just a driver, we will inform you, explain to you whatever you asked to during tour.

Monday 12 March 2018


Timang Beach Lobster. Timang beach have adrenalin adventure tour cable cart, sea bridge, and then lobster timang beach as your lunch at Timang beach. Lobster at Timang beach provide by local people surround Timang Beach, and you will eat lobster at fisherman house (not at restaurant).
Lobster Timang beach. Ideal to eat lobster timang beach was for your lunch, before reach timang beach gondola or after finished tour timang beach gondola. Timang beach first famous with attraction cable cart (gondola) to cross sea to rocky island.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Lobster Timang Beach
Lobster Timang Beach. Lobster at Timang beach have several type based on the lobster body, small lobster, medium lobster, and big lobster. Definitely will be different than lobster from modern captive breeding. Lobster timang beach was wild lobster and got from Timang beach using traditional fishing equipment. Timang beach fisherman took the lobster and put in house shelter pool with sea water, so you will eat the fresh lobster.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Timang beach local Lobster

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Shelter pool Lobster
Eat Timang Beach Lobster. Lobster Timang beach will serve into several local menu, and guest will eat in fisherman house that will get different situation with restaurant in big city. Several guest like eat lobster timang beach with spicy and other one in average spicy. All they can serve timang beach lobster food for you.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
situation of fisherman housing at Timang beach

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Timang beach fisherman house
Yogyakarta driver. We will do happy to take you at yogyakarta, also visit Timang beach gondola and enjoy lobster timang beach. Our yogyakarta driver not just a driver, we will inform you, explain to you whatever you asked to during tour.

Sunday 4 March 2018


Borobudur village tour with VW. Borobudur Temple is one of the 7 wonders of the world worthy for you to visit. In addition to visiting Borobudur temple, will be more complete if you are traveling enjoy the beauty of the villages around Borobudur. Borobudur village tour can use Volkswagen Cabriolet car, horse carriage, bycicle,  and mini train (wagon). Borobudur village tour using Volkswagen Cabriolet car actually was a nice experience for village tour and enjoy the VW car.

yogyakarta guide driver ATOK
VW Cabriolet at Borobudur for your Borobudur Village Tours

Borobudur VW Tour. Now you also can enjoy the beauty of Borobudur temple surround area by take an antique car VW Cabrio to explore the Borobudur villages which has beautiful nature landscape. Borobudur Tour VW Cabrio will take you around the Borobudur temple complex and tour the surrounding tourist villages with different and memorable tour sensations.

yogyakarta guide driver ATOK
Borobudur VW Tours
VW Cabrio Borobudur tour. Borobudur village tour package using VW Cabrio is a new attraction for you who want to tour the villages around the Borobudur temple and feeling the sensation of a classic car ride. Imagine you will enjoy the beautiful panorama of the mountains surround, the typical fresh air of the countryside, the magnificent buildings of Borobudur temple, knowing the village life arround Borobudur temple, with the new experience of riding the legendary VW Cabrio car.

yogyakarta guide driver ATOK
VW Cabriolet 1975
Borobudur village VW Tours. Borobudur village tour using Volkswagen Cabriolet antique car will spend time around 2 hours for short route, and 3 hours for medium route. Borobudur VW Tours 1.5 hours you will visit (no practise) :

  • pottery maker
  • javanese music instrument
  • tofu production
  • rice field (country sight seeing)

Borobudur VW Tours medium route, you will visit and practise:

  • pottery maker
  • javanese music instrument
  • tofu production (no practise)
  • rice field (country sight seeing)

Borobudur Village Tours using antique car VW Cabriolet will do after Borobudur sunrise tour.. So you will pick up VW Cabrio around 7 AM and continue journey to villages, and will finish around 9 AM (for short) or 10 AM (for medium) then you sett back to follow your day tours with us to other destinations.

Saturday 10 February 2018


Medan private tours. Abhisekatour have branch office at Medan for your Medan tours, for more information please click this : MEDAN PRIVATE TOURS. We have 3 medan private drivers to take you tour in Medan with hospitality, trust, safe ride. Medan private driver will concern to your tour satisfaction with excellent medan tour itinerary and well ground handling medan tours.

medan driver guide
Medan Int'l Airport 
Medan driver guide. Abhisekatour Medan with medan driver guide always concern to provide excellent tour in Indonesia, so you can contact us for our other tour service areas like : 
  • Lombok driver guide
  • Bali driver guide
  • Semarang tour driver
  • Malang driver guide
  • Surabaya driver guide
  • Karimunjawa Island Tour

Tuesday 26 December 2017


Hutan Pinus Pengger, Yogyakarta or Pengger Pine Forests. An awesome pine forest that you will get nice photo picture and feel peace. Pengger pine forest located around 45 minutes east side of Yogyakarta city, on the way to go to Pindul Cave tubbing, Timang beach, Jomblang Cave, and beaches.
yogyakarta driver ATOK
Pengger Pine Forest, Giant Hand stage at night
Pengger Pine forest has emerged along with the popularity of Imogiri Pine Forest in last couple years. But the new one is the self-image spot. Pengger Pine Forest not only promises peace for the soul. This place also offers a beautiful view to immortalized in camera shots, no wonder if finally Pengger Pine Forest became one of the favorite photo hunting spot in Yogyakarta Tours. Pengger Pine Forests not only accomodate tourists who want photo selfie, but also couples who want to get married to make Pengger Pine Forest as their prewedding photo settings.

Pengger Pine Forest. Thousands of pine trees stand upright as soldiers lined up regularly in an area of 500 hectares. The distinctive aroma of the pine forest is sharp. Many visitors will fall in love with Pengger Pine Forest and visit to enjoy the typical atmosphere. 

Pengger Pine Forest management is a diligent and creative in creating spot spot selfie. Initially spot photographs in Pengger Pine Forest is not only mainstream with a viewing post in pine trees and tree bridges, but also spot photo Pyramid House (Indian house) with a hole in the middle that visitors can enter. From there can see Jogja from a height, complete with flickering city lights. In addition to the spot of Indian homes, there is a new spot in Pengger Pine Forest in the form of a giant hand stage. That is the viewing station's point of view formed to resemble a giant hand. Visitors can click on it. If night comes, at the tip of the giant finger of Pengger Pine Forest there are also lights that can be panned towards the centric make a very good photo effects. At the back, mountain as background photo, combined with the lowlands of Jogja City with the flickering of light. Exquisite. Indeed, Pengger Pine forest is recommended as popular Yogyakarta night tours.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
Pengger Pine Forest, Giant Hand stage at night
Pengger pine forest yogyakarta. Abhisekatour will delight to served your private tour to visit pengger pine forest, and other panoramic views in yogyakarta. Please soonest contact us using our email or direct whatsapp to +6281329478187.

Tuesday 10 October 2017


Lombok Island Tours. Visiting Lombok island was visited the paradise of beach. You will be spoiled with so many beautiful beaches, not many people come so like private beach, perfect for you who love the view of nature and love the sun. Paradise of beaches surround Lombok Island, located all side of Lombok : West of Lombok, North of Lombok, South of Lombok, and East of Lombok.

lombok driver guide Abhisekatour
@ Lombok Island with Abhisekatour

lombok driver guide
Lombok International Airport at Praya

Gili Trawangan Island, Gili Meno Island, Gili Air Island. These three islands are part of Lombok that presents a stunning beach location. Beach activities in Gili Trawangan such as snorkeling, surfing, sailing, diving, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach at a nice traditional style restaurant or cafe by the beach. In Gili Trawangan and in the other two islands, there are no engine motor vehicles. We can only rent a bike or ride a horse carriage called the local language "Cidomo".
Gili Trawangan tours. Gili Trawangan is an island that has a length of 3 kilometers and width of 2 kilometers with an area of approximately 340 hectares. Excess Gili Trawangan compared with other beach is we can enjoy sunset and also sunrise at once at this beach. This happens because Gili Trawangan has a beach facing east and facing west, and the distance is not too far away. So that both sunrise and sunset we can enjoy on this beach. Trawangan has a feel of "party" more than Gili Meno and Gili Air, because of the many parties throughout the night.

gili trawangan tours
Gili Trawangan Island

gili trawangan tourism map
gili trawangan tourism map

Gili Trawangan tours
Gili Trawangan tours with ABHISEKATOUR

lombok driver guide
Gili Air cycling

gili air tours
Cidomo at Gili Air Island, Lombok
Lombok sight seeing. In addition to beaches, Lombok Island also has several beautiful waterfall and traditional villages, which brings us to the traditional angle of local life. The traditional architecture villages name like Sade, and Ende. Other one, the village that produce local hand made handicrafts (Sukarara Village) and pottery maker (Banyu Mulek Village). Waterfalls in Lombok Island are Sendang Gile Waterfall and Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Both are equally beautiful because it has a different waterfall character and both are worthy for you to come.

sukarara hand weaving village
sukarara hand weaving village

sade village
sade village
Lombok tours. Lombok beaches sometimes used for international event like para sailing event, sky diving event, and famous for you who will get a private moment. All just the matter about the great view of beach. ABHISEKATOUR since 2014 have a branch tour company with several english speaking tour driver in Lombok. We will arrange your tour even you flight from Malaysia, Singapore, from tour at YOGYAKARTA, or SEMARANG or just finished tour from BALI.

lombok driver guide ATOK
lombok beach

lombok beach
lombok beach

Silaq Memarek Lombok
Please Come Visit Lombok
Check our update tour at other beautiful island : Karimunjawa Island Tour

Friday 21 July 2017


Meru Betiri Tours. Meru Betiri actually was the name of a mountain located at south beach of Banyuwangi City with an altitude 1.223 mdpl. Meru Betiri have a large amount of the potential of nature, that's why government established as Meru Betiri National Park. Meru Betiri National Park can be accessed through Banyuwangi, passing several beautiful beach like Red Island Beach, Rajegwesi Beach, and Green Bay, before ended at Sukamade Beach. We will use jeep to reach Sukamade beach, because only jeep 4 X 4 can pass through Meru Betiri way.

jeep meru betiri
Jeep Meru Betiri
Banyuwangi driver. Our Banyuwangi private driver will take you with hospitality and will take care of you during your Merubetiri tours. We have 4 Banyuwangi english speaking drivers at Banyuwangi who will take you to merubetiri tours.

Meru Betiri tours. Meru Betiri National Park has many animal and plants protected by law like : Tukan Bird white beak, long tail monkey, Java Tiger, Bull, and several type of Turtle in Sukamade Beach. The plants like rubber tree plantation, cocoa, coffee, and thousand of tropical forest trees. Sukamade beach was the beach for sea turtle conservation, and become the main destination for Meru Betiri Tours.

meru betiri tours ATOK
Sukamade Gate
Sukamade Beach Tour for sea turtle conservation. Your journey to Sukamade beach started from your hotel (at Banyuwangi City) around 8 AM :
- reach Red Island Beach area 
- Rajegwesi beach for traditional boat tour to Green Bay and back to Rajegwesi Beach 
- Green Bay
- adventure mountain road 2.5 hours 
- passing several river with your jeep
- arrive at Sukamade Beach totaly around 8-9 hours from Banyuwangi city. 
Sukamade Beach Tours. Sukamade was the name of the village that closer to the beach that use for turtle conservation. In this beach, there are several housing of rubber tree plantation. We stop at homestay at Sukamade beach that only 700 meters more to the beach. We open the room, clean your body, dinner, relax a while. At 8 PM, the Ranger of Sukamade turtle conservation will call all guest and give the briefing before guest go to sukamade beach to see the sea turtle breeding. In this moment, we just regarding on lucky to see sea turtle breeding. We didn't allowed to use any lights and speak noisy that will disturb the turtle breeding. To see turtle breeding we need walk a bit around 700 meters pass the tropical forest trees, and we will back to homestay around midningt. In the morning around 6 AM we comeback to sukamade beach to release the baby turtle form conservation cage.

sukamade turtle conservation
Sukamade turtle conservation
Meru Betiri Tours. Your journey start from Rajegwesi Beach to Sukamade will pass extreme adventure road, and cross the river using jeep. On the way, if you lucky you will see Tukan bird white beak, one of the most guest want to see in Meru Betiri National Park. We can also see the long tail monkey (black), bull, and other wild animal during ride a jeep.

meru betiri tours ATOK
ride jeep to Sukamade Beach
meru betiri tours ATOK
jeep ride to Sukamade Beach
Sukamade Beach tour. There are sea turtle breeding at Sukamade Beach, and you can see the proccess of sea turtle breeding at beach, how government keep the egg and breeding, then release baby turtles (tukik) to the sea. Type of sea turtle species that ever lay egg at Sukamade beach : Green Turtle, Oliveridley Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, and Leatherback Turtle.

Sunday 11 June 2017


Bali Java Tours. We provide an excellent Bali Java Tours with private coach. You may use our company Abhisekatour ~ Bali branch to make your bali java overland trip kind memorable. Bali Java trip, we have several custom Bali and Java tours according your whole tour time in Indonesia.

bali java tours ABHISEKATOUR
Bali Java Trip
Bali Java tours. Trip Bali Java tours will take you to all most exicting destinations in Java & Bali. We will assist you to make Yogyakarta itinerary, Bromo and Ijen tours, also Bali tour itinerary to optimized your tour time. Our Yogyakarta driver and Bali driver will same standard quality service to all our guest with same goals : excellent Java Bali tours.

bali java tours ABHISEKATOUR
Taman Ayun

bali java tours ABHISEKATOUR
Bali Java overland tours. Bali Java Tours could start from your hotel in Bali Island at your last day in Bali. We will visit many interesting places in East Java, Central Java, or even in West Java, and tour may finish tour at :
  • Surabaya airport
  • Yogyakarta airport
  • Bandung airport

bali java tours
bali java tours by ABHISEKATOUR
Bali Java Tours. We will always ensure that your tour in Bali and in Java is handled well by our professional team. All things we started from email contact and made many disscuss about your Bali Java trip, and then we did ground tour. 

tirta gangga bali
tirta gangga bali
Bali driver guide. Our Bali driver guide will take you with private service, using private cars, big private Van (seat 7 - 14), or using private bus (seat 15 - 30). We will visit cultural destination, eco tourism, adventure tour, village activity, etc that you won't find with other tour company using tour package. Our Bali driver guide was a good man, take care of you and your property, able to assist you whenever you need, give you best solution, and trust partner. Several destinations that can be our bali java tours starting from your hotel in Bali as first day Bali Java Tours : 
~ bedugul temple at lake bratan
~ git git waterfalls
~ watching dolphin at Lovina beach
~ ijen crater trekking for ijen crater blue famme
~ enjoy pulau merah beach, turtle breeding sukamade
~ mt.bromo sunrise
~ batu village, malang (waterfalls, paragliding, safari park, etc)
~ trowulan archaeological site
~ ceto temple and sukuh temple at surakarta (solo)
~ borobduur temple, prambanan temple, and other ancient temples in yogyakarta
~ jomblang cave and other cave in yogyakarta
~ village tour using bycyle or horse carriage in yogyakarta
~ trekking summit of merapi volcano
~ dieng plateau tours, etc

Bali Java Overland Tours with Abhisekatour. We always give you more than common tour with country sight seeing, explore Bali village, Yogyakarta village, waterfall, etc. So you will get more in your limited tour time in Indonesia. Bali Java Tours will spend more days but you will get more excited and fun.

Bali Java Tours. Those bali java tour destinations was the main objects, you can choose all, several of them, or maybe add some more places, because our company Abhisekatour was a private tour services.

One day Borobudur tour from Bali. We also have specific Bali tour package to visit Borobudur temple in Central Java Province, Java, Indonesia. Borobudur tour from Bali will start in early morning pick up and reach back your hotel in Bali late nite, using airplane to Borobudur (landed at Yogyakarta City). The itinerary will be like below :
  • pick up hotel in Bali 5 AM (Bali time) and drop off airport
  • take 1st flight to Yogyakarta 07.10 AM (Bali time) and will landed at Yogyakarta around 7.40 AM local time
  • visit Borobudur temple 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM
  • Lunch near prambanan temple 1 PM - 2 PM
  • visit Prambanan temple 2 PM - 4 PM
  • visit Ijo temple or Ratu Boko temple till sunset view 4.15 PM - 5.45 PM
  • dinner 
  • take flight back to Bali depart 8.40PM and landed at Bali around 11 PM
  • reach back your hotel around midnight

Borobudur tour from Bali. Abhisekatour Bali Branch will assist you to arrange borobudur tour from Bali with reasonable tour cost, kindness, hospitality. We always have open itinerary, according your whole tour time. We do know Yogyakarta and Borobudur because Abhisekatour head office located in Yogyakarta.

Bali Java travel. In our bali java private tours, you will free to choose kind of private tour service :
1. Transport only (with english speaking driver only or 1 driver & 1 english speaking guide)
2. Transport and entrance fees
3. Transport, entrance fees, hotel (based on your budget plan)

Bali Java overland trip. We will definitely assist you since you made a contact into our email or whatsapp, for managing your Bali Java travel time, and give you any suggestion based on our long experiences. Using our excellent private Bali Java tour services, you will feel more free to enjoy the tour. Please don't hesitate to soonest contact us using email or send whatsapp to +6281329478187, and will response you as our concern.

Bali tours by ABHISEKATOUR was one between several branch office of Abhisekatour. Abhisekatour have main office at Yogyakarta, with branch office at Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo.

balijava tours by ABHISEKATOUR
Reward from Tripadvisor for tour excelent