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Sunday, 4 March 2018


Borobudur village tour with VW. Borobudur Temple is one of the 7 wonders of the world worthy for you to visit. In addition to visiting Borobudur temple, will be more complete if you are traveling enjoy the beauty of the villages around Borobudur. Borobudur village tour can use Volkswagen Cabriolet car, horse carriage, bycicle,  and mini train (wagon). Borobudur village tour using Volkswagen Cabriolet car actually was a nice experience for village tour and enjoy the VW car.

yogyakarta guide driver ATOK
VW Cabriolet at Borobudur for your Borobudur Village Tours

Borobudur VW Tour. Now you also can enjoy the beauty of Borobudur temple surround area by take an antique car VW Cabrio to explore the Borobudur villages which has beautiful nature landscape. Borobudur Tour VW Cabrio will take you around the Borobudur temple complex and tour the surrounding tourist villages with different and memorable tour sensations.

yogyakarta guide driver ATOK
Borobudur VW Tours
VW Cabrio Borobudur tour. Borobudur village tour package using VW Cabrio is a new attraction for you who want to tour the villages around the Borobudur temple and feeling the sensation of a classic car ride. Imagine you will enjoy the beautiful panorama of the mountains surround, the typical fresh air of the countryside, the magnificent buildings of Borobudur temple, knowing the village life arround Borobudur temple, with the new experience of riding the legendary VW Cabrio car.

yogyakarta guide driver ATOK
VW Cabriolet 1975
Borobudur village VW Tours. Borobudur village tour using Volkswagen Cabriolet antique car will spend time around 2 hours for short route, and 3 hours for medium route. Borobudur VW Tours 1.5 hours you will visit (no practise) :

  • pottery maker
  • javanese music instrument
  • tofu production
  • rice field (country sight seeing)

Borobudur VW Tours medium route, you will visit and practise:

  • pottery maker
  • javanese music instrument
  • tofu production (no practise)
  • rice field (country sight seeing)

Borobudur Village Tours using antique car VW Cabriolet will do after Borobudur sunrise tour.. So you will pick up VW Cabrio around 7 AM and continue journey to villages, and will finish around 9 AM (for short) or 10 AM (for medium) then you sett back to follow your day tours with us to other destinations.

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