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Tuesday 26 December 2017


Hutan Pinus Pengger, Yogyakarta or Pengger Pine Forests. An awesome pine forest that you will get nice photo picture and feel peace. Pengger pine forest located around 45 minutes east side of Yogyakarta city, on the way to go to Pindul Cave tubbing, Timang beach, Jomblang Cave, and beaches.
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Pengger Pine Forest, Giant Hand stage at night
Pengger Pine forest has emerged along with the popularity of Imogiri Pine Forest in last couple years. But the new one is the self-image spot. Pengger Pine Forest not only promises peace for the soul. This place also offers a beautiful view to immortalized in camera shots, no wonder if finally Pengger Pine Forest became one of the favorite photo hunting spot in Yogyakarta Tours. Pengger Pine Forests not only accomodate tourists who want photo selfie, but also couples who want to get married to make Pengger Pine Forest as their prewedding photo settings.

Pengger Pine Forest. Thousands of pine trees stand upright as soldiers lined up regularly in an area of 500 hectares. The distinctive aroma of the pine forest is sharp. Many visitors will fall in love with Pengger Pine Forest and visit to enjoy the typical atmosphere. 

Pengger Pine Forest management is a diligent and creative in creating spot spot selfie. Initially spot photographs in Pengger Pine Forest is not only mainstream with a viewing post in pine trees and tree bridges, but also spot photo Pyramid House (Indian house) with a hole in the middle that visitors can enter. From there can see Jogja from a height, complete with flickering city lights. In addition to the spot of Indian homes, there is a new spot in Pengger Pine Forest in the form of a giant hand stage. That is the viewing station's point of view formed to resemble a giant hand. Visitors can click on it. If night comes, at the tip of the giant finger of Pengger Pine Forest there are also lights that can be panned towards the centric make a very good photo effects. At the back, mountain as background photo, combined with the lowlands of Jogja City with the flickering of light. Exquisite. Indeed, Pengger Pine forest is recommended as popular Yogyakarta night tours.

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Pengger Pine Forest, Giant Hand stage at night
Pengger pine forest yogyakarta. Abhisekatour will delight to served your private tour to visit pengger pine forest, and other panoramic views in yogyakarta. Please soonest contact us using our email or direct whatsapp to +6281329478187.

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