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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Yogyakarta Tour Guide


Yogyakarta Tour Guide "ATOK" has been doing since many years ago for foreigners who take travel to yogyakarta or semarang. I have my own company name ABHISEKATOUR consist 6 yogyakarta driver guide, yogyakarta tour guide and we all serve yogyakarta transport that serving demand of yogyakarta rent car with driver. With 6 team I use 6 cars and have Van 12 seats, Van 16 seats, and micro bus 30 seats.

yogyakarta driver ATOK
as guide and tour driver for Prof.DR Ksriram and family
(foto at Phoenix Hotel - Yogyakarta, Sept 2013)

Choosing best Yogyakarta Tour Guide - Atok. Visiting Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia for the holidays and to get away from your routine life will be very enjoyable if you are accompanied by a right Yogyakarta tour guide.  Yogyakarta or "Jogjakarta" or commonly just called "Jogja" provides many and varied of tourist spots. You can visit the cultural heritage, the masterpiece of ancient civilization stone temple as well as natural attractions ranging from trekking to summit the active volcano, stunning limestone caves to unspoiled white sandy beaches. Also do not forget, Yogyakarta is the center of education, craft and also the center of art development in Indonesia.

yogyakarta tour driver
With family of Mr.Manolo, India (March 2013)
Due to its spread locations and its spots diversity, it makes the existence of Yogyakarta tour guide would be very helpful. They will help you to choose the destination you want to see and visit, help organize your busy schedule, drove to the location, as well as explaining the background of the tourist spots to visit.

Choosing best yogyakarta tour guide driver who has the commitment to serve, honest, polite, hospitallity, will sincere helps all purposes you during follow the tour well as has been experienced is priority of yours. You can read the my several reviews and testimonials for you as much as possible before deciding to choose the service of me, ATOK - Yogyakarta tour guide driver.

"I really appreciate you as a guest of Yogyakarta, so if you agree to use our services in terms of transportation while in Yogyakarta, we DO NOT require you to pay a deposit (down payment) as a sign confirmed that might you un-comfortable. I quite believe with your confirm letter (deal) as you wrote in your email that sent to me"


   Kotak Masuk 

Tidak berbintang  aswoto subandoro3 Oktober 2013 22.58


Krishnan Sriram 

7 Oktober 2013 20.53
Kepada: aswoto subandoro <aswoto69@gmail.com>
Thanks for your email. I will certainly recommend your services to others who may be visiting Yogya.  Good luck in your business.


Krishnan Sriram MD FRCS(C) FACS
Fellowship Program Director/Surgical Critical Care
Director, Nutrition Support Team
Stroger Hospital of Cook County (formerly Cook County Hospital)
1901 West Harrison Street, Room 3350 (Surgery/SICU)
Chicago, IL 60612
312-864 -3133

 "Dear Atok,
I'm back in Boston and would like to post wonderful reviews of your driving assistance, but I can't seem to find the appropriate link at Tripadvisor.  The links you sent don't work.  If there is another way we can help out, please let me know.

Of course if my husband and I return, with or without Heather and Malinda, we will certainly seek your services.  We really appreciated your promptness and assistance -- and the trek along the slopes of Merapi!

Best regards,

"Dear Atok,

We have safely arrived in KL.  Again we would like to thank you
for your kind assistance during our visit to Jogjakarta.  I have mentioned
about you to my colleagues and gave them your card.

My husband send his regards to you and my little boy said he missed
you, haha...

In future if you are free pls do visit Malaysia.  You are most welcome
and can stay at our house without any charge.



yogyakarta driver
comment from DR Supakit Chartchaiyarerk, Thailand (Sept 28th 2013)

 "Hello Mas Atok,
Hope this email finds you well. We sort of took it for granted that we would see you the following day and did not properly thank you, so, dropping a line to express our gratitude for sending us safely to and from Parangtritis.

Wish you the best in you endeavours (do more parachute jumps a year!).

Panjang umur, murah rezeki, moga berjumpa di lain hari.



yogyakarta guide driver
at Dieng - Bukit Pandang with Mrs.Galantai, Hungary May 2014
There are so many guide driver services are offered in Yogyakarta when you find the best tour guide for you, then your visit to Yogyakarta will give you a million beatifull great memories. So pleae do not hesitate to contact me soon at aswoto(at)gmail.com.

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