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Thursday 12 December 2013


Borobudur sunrise. Looking at the borobudur sunrise with a foreground Borobudur temple photo, was an interesting experience in Borobudur Tour. Choice of location to see the sun rise beyond the Borobudur temple remains an amazing sight. Our location that we mentioned is in Setumbu Hill (Punthuk Setumbu), 2 km west of the Borobudur temple. We named it : Borobudur Golden Sunrise Tours.
yogyadriver Atok
setumbu hill - sign board

Punthuk Setumbu is the name of a hill in the west of the temple of Borobudur with a height of about 400 m ASL. Sunrise view from this hill is very beautiful with the foreground and the emergence of Borobudur temple at sunrise or between mountain peaks Merbabu and mount Merapi.
Punthuk Setumbu sunrise. Very fantastic sunrise scenery started with hill climb Punthuk Setumbu hill about 20 minutes, so the ideal time to arrive in the Punthuk Setumbu is 04:15 AM or 04:20 AM. Climbing on a small footpath , the left and right are ricefields and bamboo farmers. See sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu even in rainy season (that possibility to see sunrise only less than 5%)  is really cheaper and then you enjoy the borobudur temple started at regular time 6 AM. It can be in other words : better to choose see borobudur sunrise from Setumbu Hill when rainy season in Java than you see borobudur sunrise on borobudur temple with more high cost but less possibility. TRY IT !

setumbu hill
trekking to setumbu hill

setumbu hill
setumbu hill - small trekking to see borobudur sunrise from setumbu hill

Punthuk Setumbu sunrise. After you finish enjoying the sunrise then enter the Borobudur temple area at 06 AM where the situation is still calm because not many visitors come. A ninth-century Borobudur, the largest Buddhist monument in the world, is one of the most complex structures erected in ancient times. Built by Java's Buddhist rulers, it served as a pilgrimage point to teach the masses about the nature of human suffering, reincarnation, and enlightenment. This richly illustrated volume provides a comprehensive introduction to Borobudur's history and symbolism, including the Buddhist tales depicted in the 1,460 exquisite relief panels that line the lower terrace walls.
Ticket entrance cost to Punthuk Setumbu Hill : USD 3 (IDR 30 K) per - pax, this admission fee is very cheap compared to see the amazing borobudur golden sunrise. Price maybe change without prior notice.

yogyakarta driver Atok
borobudur sunrise - setumbu hill entrance 2012

yogyakarta driver Atok
ticket office for Punthuk Setumbu Hill

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borobudur sunrise from setumbu hill
borobudur sunrise from setumbu hill

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