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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

yogyakarta earlybird booking driver

Yogyakarta Driver earlybird booking programm. Book now and get really cheap price for transportation cost (car, English speaking driver, gasoline) during your vacation in Yogyakarta. Currency for this program in USD, AUD, SGD or RM. Please give me your itinerary for we discuss it first then write your confirm booking to our email : aswoto69(at)gmail.com and soonest make decision to book our transport yogyakarta and guide services.

atok yogyadriver
yogyakarta driver ATOK

Looking for a low price is very common, for that my service please book us at least 6 months prior with statement into your email that you book/reserve/choose my services.This earlybird booking programm included both of : 
  1. transport services since landed, tour, until airport departure
  2. manage your hotel (tell me how much your budget please)
Please let me know your arrival date and time, departure date and time, also amount total persons then send it to my email : aswoto69 (at) gmail.com

jogjakarta driver
yogyakarta driver guide - review

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