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Sunday 9 March 2014


Yogyakarta private driver. ABHISEKATOUR was the excellent tour company that have Yogyakarta English Speaking Driver for handling yogyakarta tour, also javabali tour. This company base operation at Yogyakarta and have Yogyakarta Private Driver (9 people), Medan driver guide (3 ppl), Surabaya driver guide (4 ppl), Semarang Driver Guide, Malang driver guide (3 people), Banyuwangi Driver (2 people), Bali Private Driver (5 people), and then Lombok Driver Guide (3 people).

yogyakarta driver tripadvisor
yogyakarta driver tripadvisor

yogyakarta private driver Tripadvisor
Tripadvisor ABHISEKATOUR 2018

Yogyakarta Tour Driver. ABHISEKATOUR was  a  legal  tour  company that  provide to you yogyakarta private driver  to accompany your tour. The advantages of this service type of yogyakarta private tour is flexible tour to specify your destination, flexibility to stop wherever yogyakarta interesting place, efficient, and also flexible about the time. You will got efficient because our business is not under another company or as agency, this business was ours, and we worked with a simple but solid team of yogyakarta private driver

yogyakarta private driver Tripadvisor
Tripadvisor ABHISEKATOUR 2017
Yogyakarta Private Driver. Our company growth and Abhisekatour now have mt.bromo jeep that ready to serve mt.bromo sunrise. Abhisekatour now have 3 bromo jeep with nice bromo jeep driver who will give you excellent bromo tours. Please click this : Mt. Bromo Jeep.

yogyakarta guide driver
Yogyakarta Guide Driver

yogyakarta rent car with driver Abhisekatour
yogyakarta rent car with driver - ATOK

Yogyakarta tour planner. Planning a trip for your holidays was so much fun, especially if during the excursions you are assisted by a local  person  who s erves  in  addition as your Yogyakarta private driver, who also can as tour arrangement, familiar, friendly, fun, secure and save, and full solutions if problems arise during the journey.

Do yogyakarta private tour with a driver only means small passenger cars only 1-6 seats ? 
No. We provide yogyakarta private driver also provide big car for passengers 10-12 seats  and 14-16 seats. Are we just provide a standard car as Avanza , Xenia ? No. We provide also middle luxury cars like Luxio, Innova, KIA Pregio, Toyota Hi-Ace, Isuzu Elf, even Toyota Alphard. All depends on your need to enjoy your tour.

How many hours we work for you ?
Generally many offers you read on the internet for use 10 hours or 12 hours . Actually, the number of that hours worked is already maximal. You can imagine the normal working hours of employees on average 8-9 hours / day in many countries. Means we ( I guess almost all private drivers ) already give you bonus even you didn't realized that yet. 

Are we your local guide too ?

Yes, we can. We will assist you to explaining anything you want to know about tourism object during journey by car or places that has no local guide only. In borobudur temple, prambanan temple, dieng plateau, there are local guide who will explain all more details. 

Can we give you recomendations ?

All guest never comes into Yogyakarta and around yet, yes absolutely. So it is not easy to imagine the mileage, road situations, and the time required. Some case compossed 1 places at northside of Yogyakarta with other places at southside in one day tour. This is not effective because you will loosing time inside the car than you enjoy the tourism object, and you will feel too tired and boring because pushing long driving to reach different directions tourism object in one day. So, we will give you kind suggestion itinerary based on our experienced in many years driving, guiding, traveling in Yogyakarta and Java Island. We won't hide anything to you, if we said it will takes 4 hours driving so that will be in fact. We feel happy if you can make discuss of itinerary with us and received our recomendation (based on fact in field).

How competitive are we ?

We sell best service private tour and also yogyakarta private driver (itinerary - quotation - secure - safety - hospitality) and we received  many kind testimony. My full name ASWOTO  ( called : Atok ), I my self graduate since 1994 at archaeological studies, Gadjahmada University, Yogyakarta. Eventhough I can't take all my guest in same day, but I have standard service for guest in my 5 business team. We will ensure that your money will be well spent while quality, experience and service will be your assurance. 

Which area that Abhisekatour coverage ?

Abhisekatour covered tour in Yogyakarta, Semarang Shore ExcursionsProbolinggo HighlightsBali Guide DriverBali Rent Car with driver.

aswoto yogyakarta
Gadjah Mada University - member card
yogyakarta private driver ATOK
with warm kind regards, ATOK
How to contact us or book? 
After you surfing in internet to search yogyakarta private driver or yogyakarta driver who had excellent experienced for ground handling tours, and decided to use me, then you just simply declare confirmed via e-mail submissions to: aswoto69(at)gmail.com. You do not need to send an advance booking as a sign, because we do not want to reduce your comfort by international bank transfer. We have been very sure of your commitment to the letter of confirmation of your order or the booking.

dieng crater by yogyadriver
as Private Tour Guide Driver for Terence Lam, owner of KopiTiam Restaurant, Malaysia (april 2014)

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