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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Yogyakarta Massage and Spa


Yogyakarta spa and massages. Pamper your tired body, after traveling on tour in Yogyakarta with best massage in yogyakarta (or spa) is the one of colors of the tour itself. In addition to tourism, culinary, adventure tour, then a massage. We will show you the best spa and massages in Yogyakarta with harm hands in profesional best massages.

yogyakarta massages and spa
yogyakarta massages and spa
yogyakarta spa and massages
yogyakarta spa and massages
Yogyakarta best spa and massages. As one of the tour operators in Yogyakarta, we (yogyakarta tour driver) realized that needed and recommend it into your schedule to enjoy a best massage in Yogyakarta after few days traveled in Yogyakarta. The place that we recommend for your body massage or spa in "Griya Bugar" or "SISKA SPA". With friendly service, best massage technique, where luxury but at an affordable price, you will be able to find back your physical fitness after a tired day of activities. To get in touch with us, simply leave us a message using our Contact Form page, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 100% my guests satistified with "Griya Bugar", below I puted several of comments from them :

yogyakarta driver recommendation
yogyakarta driver comments
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From: Terence Lam
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 1:25 AM
To: 'aswoto subandoro'
Subject: RE: Trip to Yog on 22nd April - 25th April

Dear Atok,

Sorry for the wait but its only now that I find my strength to write this email. Been a tiring but very productive so far.  I would say that what we visited throughout the 4 days would not be possible without your professionalism and good planning on time. Also quite amaze at how you can drive long hours through roads with such unimaginable conditions. Certainly a man of the outdoor.

Below are some summary and comments on the places visited :

1. Prambanan temple --  > quite interesting and covers a very big piece of park as well. The Hindu temple was a great sight but we missed the Sewu temple due to some confused walks and signboard. When we realize this, it’s already too far too walk back.
 2. Marliboro street --- > Great bazaar but really too long stretch and hard to cover all shops + outlets. Most of them selling similar items making it harder to find unique stuffs. Quite similar to the night markets in Bangkok.
 3. Sultan palace and Taman Sari -- > Quite enjoyable beca ride around the palace area and also the recreational ground of the Sultan. But kinda hot to visit during noon hours though.
 4. Borobudur Temple --- > A great wonder of the world really. Amazing structure and sight. The steps are too tough for me to climb up but I might bring my children to climb it next time.
 5.  Mount Merapi -- > Jeep ride was really beyond my expectation. Felt like crossing some impossible terrains. Very good experience and closest encounter with a live volcano. The only disappointment was myst too heavy and blocked off most view of Merapi. And also we couldn’t get closer to it.
 6. Dieng Plateau ---  > Excellent place especially the coloured lake. Weather is ok too except for the short rain which disrupted the temples visit.
 7. Massage at Griya Bruga --- >  Great massage and reasonable rate.  I’d like to visit again for sure.
 8. Ramayana Ballet -- > Story and play is interesting. Buffet food is good too. Rate for food is reasonable but slightly on the high side for the show though considering the place is open air.
 9. Chocolate Factory --- > A lot of varieties and price is reasonable too. We bought quite a lot but have yet to try or give to friends yet as souvenir. I’m not sure whether they have a tour of the chocolate factory or whether anybody will show us the manufacturing process etc or we are just there to buy the chocolates though. So was a bit confused at first.


shiokkopitiam KL


Hi Pak Atok,

Greetings from Singapore. Am suffering from some food poisoning (contracted from Singapore) but recovering. Hope you are doing well!
Very much enjoyed your hospitality throughout the 4 days in Jogjakarta. Thank you for the very good recommendations as well - from dining to places of interest. We were very well taken care of.

Some reviews: 

- Lunch on Fri 24/1 near Prambanan - Good and unique location by the river - many guests will enjoy this experience as it is quite refreshing and not something we get to have every day. Food wise, only average though. Have eaten better nasi goreng elsewhere.
- Dinner on Fri 24/1 - Gudeg Yu Djum - Decent recommendation with good food. 
- Lunch on Sat 25/1 - Bakmi Kadin - Very good food. However, the place lacks ventilation and can be quite uncomfortable for some guests. May be good to recommend a place which is more comfortable. If there is no better bakmi place, I would do a takeaway order of bakmi from here.
- Dinner on Sat 25/1 - Sekar Kedaton - The best meal we had in Jogja. Enjoyed the location with good food, great dessert and nice ambience.
- Lunch on Sun 26/1 - At the restaurant run by one Prince - Decent food. However, cleanliness of the place might be an issue with flies.
- Dinner on Sun 26/1 -  Cupuwatu Resto - Good food, clean place with good dessert. Highly recommended.
- Bakpia Djava - Very good recommendation - my friends have enjoyed the bakpia. 

- Griya Bugar Spa - Also very good recommendation - clean, comfortable and affordable massage with good masseurs.  

- Borobudur - A must-see. Very well arranged from timing of departure from hotel etc. Attached is a photo I took while I was up there. No sun, but full of mist. 

Will be back in Jogjakarta in future, and will definitely look for you.

Best Regards,
Andrew Chow  (Feb 1st,2014)


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