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Thursday 7 August 2014

Chinese Temple in Semarang


Semarang shore tours or Semarang tourism places. One of important and interesting sights to visit in Semarang is Sam Poo Kong chinese temple that also named "Sam Poo Thay Jin" and in Indonesia famous with name "Gedung Batu" chinese temple. Located in the southwest of the city of Semarang, 15 minutes from or to Semarang airport (Achmad Yani Airport). This temple at early year 1.500 AD was as a transitory and the first landing of a Moslem Chinese admiral named Zheng He / Cheng Ho.

gedung batu semarang
gedung batu, semarang

sam poo kong temple
Gedung Batu inscription

Building the main chamber of this temple is a stone cave. This cave believed to be the initial landing and the headquarters of Admiral Cheng Hoo and his men during a visit to the island of Java. Inside, visitors can see the statue that is believed sabagai statue of Sam Poo Tay Djien. Visitors also frequent ciamshie to be able to see a pilgrim luck in the future. 

This location can also be found altars and tombs of staff Admiral Cheng Hoo in Java, which is often visited by visitors to pilgrimage. Giving the name of the building / building is quite unique considering naming is based on objects from the ship. For example, Mbah Kyai Cundrik Bumi is where all types of weapons that are used to arm boat crew. Kiai / Nyai Tumpeng related to food on board and Kiai Djangkar put a ship's anchor. And Mbah Djurumudi that believed as the tomb of the helmsman ship. Building decorated with various paintings and sculptures depicting Cheng Hoo trip to Java including the two pillars on the surface of the main building.

The annual celebration of the landing Admiral Zheng He is one of the main agenda in the city of Semarang. The celebration begins with a religious ceremony at the Tay Kak Sie temple in Gang Lombok. After it was followed by a procession of the artificial statue of Sam Po Kong temple from Tay Kak Sie temple to Sam Poo Kong temple (Gedung Batu temple). The statue was then placed alongside the original statue of Sam Poo Kong.

sam poo kong temple
sam poo kong temple - front yard

gedung batu temple
Enjoying all building of Gedung Batu below the trees

gedung batu temple
Main yard with Zheng Ho statue

gedung batu temple
Zheng Ho statue
Sculpture made ​​from bronze which is made in China is the tallest statue in Southeast Asia
klenteng sam poo kong
turtle statue

Turtle is a symbol known in mythology as their appearance and longevity. Therefore, the protective shell and thoroughly charming appearance, sometimes we find that the turtle is a symbol of protection and welfare aspects in particular mythology. Many cultures believe that the turtle is an animal that carries the world on its shell or as supporting the heavens. 
In some indigenous traditions of the Americas, the tortoise is believed to carry the world on top of the shell. Supreme spirit Cheyenne, Maheo, is grandma old turtle shell that supports the earth. Mohawk Nation believe that earthquakes are caused by old granny turtle which was stretch the body due to the weight of the earth that he prop in its shell. 
In ancient history, the people of Mesopotamia believed that the turtle is the symbol of one of their gods, namely Ea. And in Africa, the Yoruba mythology, known Ijapa, the tortoise is in the fairy-tale witch hereditary. 
In Hindu mythology, the world is supported by four elephants standing on a tortoise shell. Akupara is a tortoise in the world carrying the Hindu legend in penggungnya and maintain the balance of the earth and sea. There is one of the avatars of Vishnu, known as Kurma, the giant tortoise. Kurma avatar has a temple, Sri Kurman Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India which is dedicated to him. 
In China, one of the four leading animal is a turtle data that represents the element of water, symbolizing the four cardinal points north. Tortoises are mensimbolkan strength, longevity and immortality. Tortoise is also a real animal that became a symbol of the Chinese nation on the compass, though still looks like a mythological creature in the illustration.

As a tour operator in Semarang and Yogyakarta, we made ​​a semarang private tour package  or big groups (with bus) for you both come in Semarang by plane or by cruise ships like the Costa Victoria, Rotterdam, or The World Cruise Ship.
  1. One day Tour : after ship dock then meet us at 8 AM, we visit Sam Po Kong first (1.5 hours) then go to Borobudur. We will reach Borobudur around 1 PM, visit Borobudur 1,5 hours, then we start to Semarang port. We'll come to port around 5.30 PM.
  2. Two days Tour : same as number (1) then you stay overnight in downtown Yogyakarta. The next day we will visit Sultan Palace, Watercastle Tamansari, Prambanan temple, then we heading to Semarang port. If time permitted we can visit Fort Wilhem I Fortress in Ambarawa.
If you can invite your friends/other cruise passangers while sailing in cruise to joint tour so your cost would be more efficient (than private tour) and I will used Van (for 7 - 16 persons) or Micro Bus (17 - 30 persons). I could be so sure if your cost will be competitive than you used other operator, just try to make comparison before you choose which tour operator you like.
semarang tour driver
semarang tour driver-ATOK testimony
yogyakarta driver ATOK
with wam kind regards, ATOK
Please don't hesitate to contact us by send email to ATOK : aswoto69(at)gmail.com. We will respond your email shortly.

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semarang tour driver testimony - from THE WORLD CRUISE SHIP

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