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Thursday 11 September 2014


Yogyakarta sunrise to sunset tours. Sunrise tour package in Java. See the sunrise at Java, Indonesia was a pleasure and amazing sensation that unspeakable how the beauty they are. Many places in Java Island to enjoy the beauty of sunrise ranging from Borobudur Sunrise Yogyakarta, Summit of Merapi Volcano in Yogyakarta, Setumbu Hill, Mount Sikunir in Dieng Plateau, Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru and Ijen Crater. I will review several of the sunrise point that generally desirable by foreign tourists and make the name as JAVA SUNRISE TOUR PACKAGE.

borobudur sunrise tour
Sunrise moment on Borobudur temple
Borobudur sunrise tours. Yogyakarta sunrise to sunset tour packages also famous choice in yogyakarta tours.You can ask me to take yogyakarta sunrise and sunset tour.

DAY 1st
You landed at Yogyakarta at noon (arrival flight by Silk Air/Air Asia KL/Air Asia SG), and directly continued to yogyakarta heritage tour to visit Prambanan Temple, Sewu Temple, Ratu Boko temple, and finally hotel check in. 

DAY 2nd
Borobudur sunrise. The greatest sunrise view on summit of biggest ancient Buddhist Temple, Borobudur temple. All guest will registered and pay admission by Manohara Hotel for Borobudur sunrise.

borobudur sunrise tour
borobudur sunrise tour
Yogyakarta sunrise to sunset tours. After that, we straight go to Dieng Plateau and reach there around 1 PM and continue exploring Dieng Plateau. You will spend overnight at Dieng Plateau that allready close to Sikunir Sunrise.

dieng plateau sunrise
dieng plateau sunrise

dieng plateau sunrise
Mount Sikunir sunrise, at Dieng Plateau

DAY 3rd
Sunrise Sikunir that started at 4 AM until 6.30 AM. From Dieng sunrise tour we continue to visit Sikidang Crater, Color Lake, and Arjuna Temple Complex. After lunch time we start to go to Borobudur temple and be there until sunset. You will be spend a night at hotel in Yogyakarta.

DAY 4th
After visiting Sultan Palace at 9.30 AM we will driving from Yogyakarta to Mount.Bromo, and will arrive (check in) at Mount.Bromo around 9 PM and spend over night.

DAY 5th
Mount.Bromo sunrise started at 3 AM with hire Bromo adventure jeep and finished around 8.30 AM. After breakfast, shower, relax, then we continue driving to Ijen Crater. We will arrive at around crater at 3 PM. Here, we stay over night to prepare climbing tommorow to see blue fire crater that start at 2.30 AM.

java sunrise tour
ATOK - yogyakarta bromo tour guide driver

mount bromo sunrise
mount bromo sunrise - direction to go down the Bromo sea sand

mount bromo sunrise
mount bromo sunrise
DAY 6th
Starting to climb peak of Ijen Crater at 1 AM with guiding by local guide to reach the Ijen Crater seeing amazing and spectaculer Ijen Crater . You will finished around 8 AM. Back to hotel for cleaning, shower, breakfast, and check out around 12 noon. We will go to hotel nearby Surabaya Airport and reach there around 7 PM. Finished all sunrise tour.

ijen crater view
ijen crater view
DAY 7th
Check in departure flight at Surabaya Airport in early morning. ADIOS AMIGO ! Have a nice memory with Java sunrise tour with us.

Borobudur sunrise tour, Bromo sunrise tour. For more complitely information and reservation, please soonest contact me (ATOK) by email to : aswoto69(at) gmail.com. We will make few email conversation before, to make same opinion about your trip plan then we make a nice deal between us ( you and me as your tour guide driver ). Tour with us make your cost tour in Java more efficient with same kind services as any tour agency, because we also had experienced many years to serve foreign tourist and local tourist went to those all sunrise tour in Java, Indonesia. So, to get in touch with us, simply leave us a message using our Contact Form, and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

yogyakarta tour driver ATOK
yogyakarta tour guide driver - ATOK

yogyakarta driver ATOK
with warm kind regards, ATOK

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