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Monday 21 March 2016


Ramayana Ballet Show. Ramayana Ballet was kind love story that performance by beautiful good skill of dancer. There are 2 places for Ramayana Ballet show performance in yogyakarta province, one at Prambanan and other one at yogyakarta city centre (Purawisata) that both same in good quality performance. Ramayana Ballet origin story you can see at the body of Prambanan temple when you visit there, and you can enjoy the show for imaging how the story in relief bring in to the dance story performance. Ramayana Ballet is very beautiful Java Dance love story and people will keep performing and watching it.

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Ramayana Ballet - Prambanan, Yogyakarta 
Ramayana from word "Rama"and "Ayana" that means a journey of Rama. The Ramayana Ballet story (compiled from Purawisata) : 

In Kendrayana forest, the King of Alengka RAHWANA ask Kalamaricha one of his soldiers to change himself into the Golden Deer and ask him to go to seduce RAMA, SINTA, and Laksmana. In other part of the same forest, RAMA - SINTA - Laksamana are enjoying the freshness of the bright weather by gathering flowers and watching beautiful animals living in the forest. Suddenly an animal with golden fur appears. SINTA is attracted and she wants to posses the animal. RAMA - SINTA - Laksmana try to catch it but the beautiful animal is very difficult to touch, then the Golden Deer runs away.
After RAMA leaves his wife, SINTA as if hears the sound of an injured man, she ask Laksamana to look for his brother but he refuses because he knows it's not Rama's voice, it's Golden Deer's that imitates the voice of RAMA. Since her order disobeyed, SINTA accuces Laksmana of wishing her after the death of RAMA. Hearing his Laksmana becomes very sad, he swears that he won't marry any woman in his whole life.
As a sign of his oath he cuts off his genital. SINTA is astonished and very sorry. Finally Laksmana goes to meet RAMA. Before he leaves his sister in-law alone, Laksmana makes a magical circle surrounding SINTA, nobody can go into the circle and he also tells her not to get out of the circle until the arrival of RAMA and Laksmana. Unexpectedly, RAHWANA comes down from the sky. He is very glad to notice SINTA without any guard. He wants to kidnap her as soon as possible and takes her to Alengka Kingdom.
Unfortunately he can't approach her because of the magical circle although he has exerted all of his super natural power. Then RAHWANA changes his appearance into a very old man who looks very thirsty and comes near SINTA. On seeing this, SINTA can't stand and then help the poor old man. Without realizing the danger, she stretches one of her arms out of the circle in order to give the old man something to drink. The old man who actually is RAHWANA takes SINTA's hand out of the circle quickly and takes her away. In the sky they meet Jatayu, the king of birds who wants to save the Princess Sinta but Jatayu is defeated and falls onto the ground. Before Jatayu dies, he tells RAMA that SINTA is kidnapped by RAHWANA.
On the way to Alengka, RAMA and Laksmana bump across with the white monkey HANOMAN, who is ordered by Sugriwa to find someone to help him to fight Subali in order to get Goa Kiskenda back.
RAMA doesn't mind and succeeds in killing Subali, and then he is crowned to be the king of monkey in Pancawati Kingdom. As a king, RAMA orders Hanoman to go to Alengka to see the condition of SINTA. In Alengka after giving RAMA's ring to SINTA, and as an answer SINTA sends her hairpin ornament to RAMA. HANOMAN wants to know the strength of RAHWANA's Kingdom, soon afterwards he destroys the Arga-Soka garden.
Knowing this, RAHWANA becomes very angry and commands his men to burn the white creature but HANOMAN doesn't die because of his super natural power, event he takes with him some burning woods and flies in the sky, then he drops them throughout the buildings. When the battle between RAMA's monkey soldiers and RAHWANA's giant soldiers takes place, Hindrajit asks Kumbakarna for help but he can't win the fight even is defeated by RAMA. Hindrajit wants to support his uncle unfortunately Laksmana is able to finish the fight. Hindrajit runs away reporting the situation to King RAHWANA in the palace. RAHWANA goes to fight Rama but at last he is defeated and killed.
HANOMAN fetches SINTA who is very happy to meet her beloved husband, however RAMA rejects her for he suspects about his wife's purity and he asks SINTA to have a holy bath by jumping into the burning fire. SINTA calmly jumps into the holy fire since in her mind she feels that she is totally pure.
The God of Fire Brahma comes down from the heaven and puts the fire out. He tells RAMA that SINTA is really pure. Both SINTA and RAMA pay attribute with their hands folded before their forehands to Brahma. Lastly they return to Pancawati Kingdom happily.

ramayana ballet prambanan
ramayana ballet show
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