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Sunday 22 September 2013


Ramayana Ballet Show at Yogyakarta, a romantic atmosphere to see Ramayana Ballet performance with Prambanan temple views as back ground stage the dancer. This Ramayana Ballet (read : traditional javanese dance) is deliberatelly presented without dialogues and narrations, such a puppeteer comments, and relies instead on dance expression alone to tell its story. Through that physical expression, it is expected that foreign audiens who didn't know the javanesse or Indonesian will still be able to comprehend the story's messages. The term "Ballet Ramayana" that was in use until about 1962 was changed to "Sendratari Ramayana" following suggestion of Anjasmara, a playwright. The word sendratari is an abbreviation of the words seni (art), drama (play), and tari (dance) which together mean a play that is presented in dances.

ramayana ballet prambanan
ramayana ballet prambanan - writing from 1st President Republic Of Indonesia Ir.Soekarno
The show of Ramayana Ballet in 2 places, first in Prambanan Temple area and second in Purawisata, downtown Yogyakarta. The image below was show in Prambanan Temple. Both show start at 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM. In Prambanan there is no show in Monday night but in down town Yogyakarta you can see every night also quite closer from your hotel. Cost for show at Prambanan area IDR 375 K per-person without dinner and at Purawisata IDR 420 K per-person with dinner. These price can be change by their management without prior notice.

If you hire me as your tour guide and driver, you can also book with me for Ramayana Ballet show and tell me which the show place is that you choosed (Prambanan area or in Purawisata area). Please don't hesitate to contact me soon by email to : aswoto69(at)gmail.com or send SMS/Whatsapp to my number +6281329478187

ramayana ballet
ramayana ballet - stage

ramayana ballet
ramayana ballet - Hanoman Obong story

yogyakarta driver ATOK - testimony
yogyakarta driver ATOK - testimony
excellent yogyakarta driver
with warm kind regards, ATOIK

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